Kazzano is a Spanish Company that is based in Mancha Real (Jaén), specializes in the design and manufacture of furniture and interior accessories.

EIt is present in several countries exporting its products to the most important cities around the world.

The company and its management, with decades of experience in the market, in 2001 created a renewed and dynamic strategy at the company level.

Efficiency, internationalization and identity are the cultural keys that define the philosophy of Kazzano as company and represent ,together with I+D, the strengths that support its success.


Our commitment has as purpose to imagine the space where our customers live without invade them respecting what exists. For this, Kazzano knows that is essential to have a conscious team with the philosophy of the company. From management to staff product manufacturing, the purpose is to offer an answer to the customer with the objects that make up the environment of his home, designed to be functional, beautiful, modern and made methodically and rigorously.

The company count on specialized personnel to advise and solve any question the customer may have and he is served until the delivery selected product.


Each product is developed around the man so KAZZANO is constantly moving to find solution to the needs and improvements that make life easier, not forgetting the sense of well-being that cause the design.

For this reason, Kazzano always offers news in each collection as different materials applicable to the current architecture of the furniture, as samples from the latest collections of living room “inside” and bedroom “shake”, using organic and vegetable forms inserted in the doors which evoke us and approximate us to the nature.

The company has been pioneered many very successful developments in the market, as premise and philosophy it will continue surprising on the next products which will come out soon on the market.